HIGHFLYERS Academy Teaching Methodology

“If learning is a game, concepts are like the basic rules. A game can be enjoyed in true sense only when the basic rules are understood. The same applies to learning as well.” – Albert Einstein

That is how the great scientist Albert Einstein explained the importance of concepts and conceptual clarity.

After extensive research on learning theories, practises, and objectives, the criticality of the above statement is very evident in this modern information era. HIGHFLYERS Academy programs are designed based on a minimal approach to overcome the shortcomings of the current education system. Our training methodology for foundation, medical, and IIT subjects is unique and better than the traditional model.

The problem with the traditional model is that it chokes students with a higher level syllabus in early standards, thereby skimming the stronger students and filtering out the weak. Unfortunately, this fails to address the shortcomings of our schooling system that our run of the mill institutions follow.

The HIGHFLYERS Academy programs are designed around providing conceptual clarity, leading to systematic practise for driving desired results in competitive examinations for XI and XII students. Also prepare the students with strong foundation from standard VI. This teaching methodology enables each student to explore, improve, and perform to his or her full potential.

The Highflyers Vision

This diagram shows the relationship between learning requirements across various subjects.

Philosophy of Foundation Programs

Curriculum of CBSE and other Boards is structured into four segments:  

  • 1st to 5th standard
  • 6th to 8th standard
  • 9th and 10th standard
  • 11th and 12th standard

Students transitioning from one segment to the other must restart their learning methods, leading to fluctuations in their performance. Keeping these facts in mind, and our above mentioned objectives, it is evident that students entering 6th or 9th standard are ideally placed to explore additional support through IIT, medical, or foundation programs.

Starting in 11th standard is discouraged in the Indian education system due to pressure of the 10th Board Exams making the students avoid exploring various learning methods that these foundation programs offer. Logically deducing from these facts, 6th standard is the ideal stage for a CBSE or State Board student to start IIT or medical foundation to meet the objectives.

Foundation programs provide necessary support in bridging the gap between the expectations of competitive examinations like JEE or NEET and regular 10th standard level outcomes. HIGHFLYERS Academy dissects the various aspects of learning and integrates them with our teaching approach, content development, assignments, and assessments.

Foundation Programs (6th to 10th)

HIGHFLYERS Academy Foundation Programs set forth various stages of academic learning as student objectives. These are the learning objectives that we focus on and a description of each:

  1. Knowledge: Absorb and remember facts. Exhibit previously learnt material and recall facts, terms, basic concepts, and solutions.
  2. Comprehension: Understand and find information from text. Includes classification, description, recognition, and summarisation of facts and ideas.
  3. Application: Usage in a new situation. Solve problems and apply acquired knowledge, facts, techniques, and rules in a different way.
  4. Analysis: Detailed examination. Observation and breaking information into parts through identification of motives or causes, infer and use evidence to support generalisations.
  5. Synthesis: Change or create something original. Compile information in a different way, combine elements in a new pattern, or propose alternative solutions.
  6. Evaluation: Justify. Present and defend opinions and judge information, validity of ideas, or quality of work based on a set of self-imposed criteria.

HIGHFLYERS Academy Approach to Teaching

Our classroom training adopts  the following:

    • Delivery of the concepts in Z-A approach
    • Addressing the pre-instigated doubts rooting conceptual foundation.
    • A post-class mini research in the form of assignments.
    • Concept Map – Critical for continuing the learning process in higher standards.


Student progress towards the objectives are assessed on a chapter basis.

These are the HIGHFLYERS Academy assessments:

  • Note-taking in class
  • Doing a “gamified” internal contact assessment
  • Taking time bound objective exams
  • Taking subjective descriptive tests
  • Doing universal standard online assessment

This chart shows action verbs for the HIGHFLYERS Academy learning objectives.

JEE / NEET Programs for 11th & 12th

Highflyers learning

This is our proven methodology for achieving high success rate in JEE / NEET.

The HIGHFLYERS Academy teaching methodology for 11th and 12th programs (JEE / NEET) offer a comprehensive solution to meet the critical competitive exam needs.

Highflyers image

Here are some advantages of our teaching methodology and why we stand out above others:

  • Experienced IITians and subject matter experts deliver the sessions
  • Focus on sequential buildup of concepts and numerical emphasis from school level syllabus to JEE / NEET level, instilling confidence in aspirants
  • Well-researched material in line with current JEE / NEET pattern and trends
  • Continuous assessment through periodic tests and reviews
  • Phase wise evaluation assesses progress and suggests course correction if required
  • Individual support and inputs based on specific student needs offers highly customised training to enhance each student’s output
  • Pivotal feedback and monitoring system involving key stakeholders – students, teachers, and parents
  • Guidance from Student Counsellors
  • Specific toolkits and formula booklets for mastering subtopics
  • Rank-booster question banks and practise kits from senior most faculty in India

HIGHFLYERS Academy has highly customised school programs.

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