No matter if you are a student, teacher, or just a learning enthusiast, the internet is full of free resources for knowledge enhancement goal achievement. As long as you use the resources in a systematic manner, these tools can be a powerful academic asset.

HIGHFLYERS Academy has compiled resources for both students and teachers in an alphabetised manner. We hope this is useful.

Useful Links for Students

Resource Link
A Level Maths
Cut The Knot
Good Calculators
Hegarty Maths
Interactive Education Sites
Khan Academy
Maths Centre
Maths Indonesia
Maths Is Fun
Maths Net
Maths Puzzles
Maths Sphere
Maths Tutor
Maths TV
Maths Warehouse
MIT OpenCourseWare (Video Lectures, Problems, Solutions, & more)
My Maths
National Digital Library of India
Patrick Just Math Tutorials
PBS Learning Media
Puzzlers World
Soft Schools
SOS Maths
TED Ed Lessons Worth Sharing
Top Maths
White Group Maths
Yay Math

Useful Links for Teachers

2 Scholastic: Sponsored by Scholastic, the well-known educational publisher. Contains videos, essay competitions, and veteran teachers offering expert advice.

A to Z Teacher Stuff: Created by teachers, for teachers. Includes strategy for dealing with children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), surviving parent-teacher conferences, and filling out report cards.

Classroom of the Future: Sponsored by NASA. Take the International Space Station Challenge and view space-related activities and modules for K-12th.

The Educator’s Reference Desk: Has hundreds of exclusive lesson plans. Search by subject or grade level.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence: Maintained by federal government and also known as ‘FREE’. Provides access to stimulating content with a wealth of resources and visually striking presentation.

Teacher Planet: Contains many useful free lesson plans for K-12th. Search by age group or subject area and browse recent featured categories such as lessons pertaining to May Day and Mother’s’ Day.

Maths is Fun: Has an enticing graphic with many maths-related illustrations sharing space in a grassy field. Click on the pictures for an in-depth exploration of all aspects of that maths concept, such as money, algebra, or measurement.

PBS Teachers: Operated by the educational channel Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) with teaching material for all grades. Some material ties in with PBS shows, such as a new approach to teaching The Diary of Anne Frank corresponding to an upcoming documentary.

Teachers: A gigantic resource for connecting with other teachers and sharing advice, encouragement, and lesson plans. Also maintains an impressive gazette full of journalistic articles about the current state of American education.

Educators Connect: Social network for teachers. After registering, upload and download handouts and lesson plans, and join groups of other teachers interested in a particular topic.

Lesson Plans 4 Teachers: This site contains many useful, free lesson plans for ages K-12. You can search by age group, subject area, or browse recent featured categories such as lessons that pertain to May Day and Mothers’ Day

Teachers Net: This is a gigantic resource for connecting with other teachers in order to share and receive advice, encouragement and, of course, lesson plans. The site also maintains an impressive gazette full of journalistic articles about the current state of American education.

Teach With Movies: Specializes in showing teachers how video clips can enhance classroom experience. For $11.99 per year, teachers get learning guides and lesson plans for over 300 movies.

Whether you are a student or teacher, we hope you found this list of links and resources useful. Contact HIGHFLYERS Academy  right away for more information on resources and the services we provide.